Why Success Academy is a Colossus in Academia

New York’s premier charter school, Success Academy, is arguably one of the trailblazers in the education sector. The first Success academy was opened in 2006 and since then, 31 more schools have been opened. These include 24 elementary schools, 7 middle schools, and a recently inaugurated high school. Plans are in the pipeline to open 13 more schools within the next two years. If this comes to fruition, Success Academy will be providing a learning opportunity to more than 21,000 students.


What differentiates Success Academy from other learning institution is the emphasis placed on content. This network of schools focuses on infusing in-depth knowledge rather than basic literacy and numeracy. The classes offered at the schools are pragmatic, something that ensures that those who go through the system end up being all-round learners. Students undertake practical lessons, which complement theories that are taught in class. Workshops and experimental learning forums are equally emphasized. This enriches the well-aligned and high quality curriculum that is on offer at Success Academy.


Mission, Vision, and Values


When starting out, the founders sought to provide high quality, comprehensive, and affordable education at an affordable cost. They sought to build a network of world-class and exceptional public schools, which would enable kids from all backgrounds to excel in college and professional life. Success Academy mainly targets learners from underprivileged households.


What has enabled the entire network to succeed is the fact that each member of the community has the obligation of ensuring that learners and individual institutions attain the highest standards. Success Academy prides itself in having experienced tutors who have the ability to offer all-round training to learners. All schools in the network are authorized by the Charter School Institute, which is an organ of the State University of New York.


Despite the sense of communality that is generally emphasized, Success Academy schools operates with greater autonomy than zoned schools. Nonetheless, each institution is held responsible for the performance of its learners. For quality control and assurance purposes, the charter schools are often subjected to appraisals very five years. This exercise ensures that education standards are being met, and that the schools are fit to continue operating.



Looking Past Profits, Amicus Therapeutics Focuses on Treating Rare and Orphan Diseases

In today’s political climate, heated talk of pharma companies raking in high profits at the expense of patients’ welfare is everywhere, from Capital Hill to the rural Midwest. Not only does the average, American citizen feel its effects, but individuals with the rarest of diseases often fear to have little to no help. The global, biotechnology company Amicus Therapeutics, Inc., based in New Jersey, is looking past the profits and focusing on innovative treatments for rare and orphan diseases such as Fabry disease, Pompe disease and other lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs).

Founded in 2002, Amicus Therapeutics has been leading the way in pharmacological Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy (CHART) with an emphasis on the development of enzyme replacement therapies (ERTs). With Chairman and CEO John Crowley (also known to be the inspiration for the 2010 movie Extraordinary Measures starring Harrison Ford) at its helm, Amicus Therapeutics looks to solve deleterious mutations in genes and combat the devasting and often fatal effects of diseases rarely diagnosed. The company went public in 2007 under the NASDAQ trading symbol FOLD.

With research facilities in New Jersey and San Diego, Amicus Therapeutics currently offers one marketable product – Migalastat. Migalastat is used for the treatment of Fabry disease, a rare genetic, lysosomal storage disorder.

Classified by the FDA as an orphan disease in 2004, Fabry disease can cause a vast number of systemic issues, often leading to misdiagnoses. It is common for patients to first start experiencing symptoms in early childhood. Symptoms can include full-body or localized pain to the extremities or gastrointestinal tract. Kidney insufficiency and failure are also common with end-stage kidney failure typically occurring in patients in their twenties. This appears to be the leading cause of death of the disease. Other manifestations range widely from heart complications to nausea. Migalastat is a drug used for the long-term treatment of amenable genetic mutations (occurring in roughly 35-50% of all patients with the disease).

With drugs like Migalastat, Amicus Therapeutics focuses on the patient and offers new hope to look past their rare, genetic mutations and orphan diseases toward a brighter future.

Are Active Funds the Way to Go?

Recently, one of the most successful business magnates of this generation, Warren Buffett announced that he’d made a wager with a group of hedge fund managers for the amount of $1 million. The wager, the proceeds of which will be donated to charity upon reaching the closing date, is based on the notion that Mr. Buffett believes that by simply investing in an S&P 500 index fund, he would be able to achieve gains higher than those of the hedge fund managers. As the end-date of the wager continues to draw to a close, it looks as if Mr. Buffett will win his bet. Warren Buffett has been one of the most successful investors of our time, building a significant portfolio and his viewpoints are hard to dispute, due to his stellar record. Regardless of this fact, challenging Mr. Buffett’s latest stance on investment strategy is just what Timothy Armour, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group, intends to do. While the debate about active funds versus passive funds has been an ongoing struggle for some time within the industry, Warren Buffett believes that the key to achieving long-term financial success cannot be found in this argument, but by investing in low-cost loans with high potential. In today’s market, there are far too many mediocre mutual funds that warrant only modest returns according to Buffett, a fact that Timothy Armour agrees with. Mr. Buffett’s tendency to intensely analyze a prospective company for potential growth prior to investing is one that has been tried and true throughout the years, but Timothy Armour believes that by analyzing active index funds with the same fervor, can lead to better yields. In a recent survey in which 1200 investors were analyzed, it was revealed that half of the investors were unaware of the fact that during market downturns, they were exposed to 100 percent volatility. Armour believes that by investing in active funds that are low-cost, investors can expect to achieve higher yields in the long run and what Timothy knows.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group, Timothy Armour graduated from Middlebury College in 1983 and has over 30 years of experience in the investment world. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and has spent his entire career with Capital Group, first as a member of The Associates Program and more information click here.

Other Reference: https://www.thecapitalgroup.com/our-company/management-team.html

Securus Technologies – Building Safer Communities through the Use of Advanced Crime Prevention Technology

It is essential for the technology to be integrated with the prisons, law enforcement agencies, and the correctional facilities to function these days properly. Technology plays a vital role in keeping the crime rate low inside and outside of the prison and helps the law enforcement officers to do their duty without any safety issues. Technology also plays a vital role in controlling the damage after the crime is done, and in many cases, also helps in keeping the criminal activities to materialize. One of the primary providers of criminal justice technologies is Securus Technologies, which started its operations in the year 1986, and since then has made its mark in the sphere of correctional technology.


The company provides highly advanced inmate communications, criminal justice, crime prevention, and investigative techniques. Moreover, the company also offers parolee tracking and government information management solutions. The comprehensive range of products and services provided by the company are regularly updated, and new services are added to the inventory at periodic intervals. Securus Technologies has over 600 patents to its name, and it continues to do substantial research and development in this sphere to retain its position as the leading provider of inmate communications and crime prevention technology.


In the news release published by the company recently, the company shared with the public the sentiments of the law enforcement officers as described in the letters written by the law enforcement officers to Securus Technologies. The letters written by law enforcement officers described how the products and services of Securus Technologies are positively helping them do their duty in a safe environment and get positive results. It has proven time and again to reduce the crime rate and keep the miscreants in the society in check. I feel such services would go a long way in building safer communities for tomorrow.


Nathaniel Ru Changes Views on Healthy Eating

Nathaniel Ru is putting the ball in motion when it comes to building a better food establishment. He has been creating the type of buzz about eating healthy that no one would have ever assumed to be a reality. What he has managed to do with Sweetgreen is a testament to his skills as an entrepreneur. It really shows that people will embrace healthy eating if it is presented in a way that piques curiosity. This is what Nathaniel Ru and his business partners have been able to do. Learn more: http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article/sweetgreens-nathaniel-ru-everything-last-longer/


Nathaniel has been able to build curiosity in a very positive way largely because he has started with a plan to present healthy eating differently. He did not want to be someone else that continued the torch of carrying on about healthy food in a way where people felt like they were receiving food that was not delectable. Most people do not want to cut out the fast food because they perceive this food as something that tastes better. Learn more: http://www.psfk.com/2016/04/psfk-2016-how-sweetgreen-brought-healthy-and-delicious-to-the-busy-psfk-2016.html


Nathaniel Ru has encouraged people in healthy eating by presenting food that was not subpar to the abundant fast food restaurants. In his mind he felt that he was creating a restaurant that offered food that was just as good as any of the greasy burgers and fries. He even believed that many of his menu items would be more delectable and this belief comes across in the way that Sweetgreen has been presented. This belief is what has fueled a growing fan base of consumers that want to patronize these restaurants. He did not do anything to make people feel that the food that they were eating was inferior. Instead, he lifted the concept of fresh fruits and vegetables. Many people think more about their eating habits. Nathaniel presented them with something that would be just as tasty with the added benefit of also being healthy. Learn more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweetgreen


Nathaniel Ru saw that many obese Americans were looking for an alternative but they did not have anything that was considered a viable option. What Nathaniel Ru would do with Sweetgreen was present it in a way where the young generation of millennials would take to social media to promote it. Unconsciously many young adults became fans of this restaurant chain and they did not shy away from presenting their admiration for Sweetgreen meal options to all of their family and friends through social media. Learn more: http://www.bizjournals.com/washington/news/2016/09/23/bluecart-simplifying-restaurant-orders-video.html


David McDonald’s Success In Running The Food Distribution Company, OSI

Mr. David G McDonald is the President of OSI food distribution group. He studied Bachelor of Science and specialized in Animal Science at Iowa State University. David is also the chairman of North America Meat Institute and has additionally worked as project manager for the OSI Group Industries. He also served as a director at Marfrig Global Foods. McDonald is an active member of Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity.

OSI is well positioned in the market since it has a global network with local management teams. The company leads in the supply of protein foodstuff and beef patties. It has more than fifty branches in at least seventeen countries. The company is undergoing expansion in China where it has enjoyed a strong presence for over 20 years and continues to grow as the country’s economy grows.

OSI’s President David McDonald OSI Group is helping with the sustainability of the company by obtaining foreign partners and establishing contacts all over the world so that they can improve their market position in the world. OSI is also aiming at becoming the largest poultry distributor in China. The company supplies its products to companies like McDonalds among others.

Read more on About.me.

David McDonald President of OSI Group also commented about the move of his company to acquire Baho Food. He said that one of the main reasons for acquiring Baho Food was because its menu compliments that of OSI. He added that the company will retain all of Baho’s employees as well as the managing director Mr. John Blavers.

David McDonald states that the company has a lot of interest in growing and therefore, he will do his best o ensure that the company expands its services to other parts of the world. He will spearhead the OSI Group to develop new techniques that can help strengthen their position in the Market. A new food processing plant is to be set up in India with its main focus on manufacturing vegetable products for the retails and quick service restaurants. Also, a new plant of OSI that is attached to a refrigerated distribution and warehouse company in Geneva was announced last year. The company plans to open seven new production and processing outlets in the world.

Learn more about David McDonald: youtube.com.

A Look At The Market America World Conference Event Of 2017

The 2017 Market America World Conference was held in Miami, Florida this year. It began on February the 9th and ended on the 11th. A crowd of over 25,000 people joined the event over the course of three days. The host venue for the 2017 Market America World Conference was the American Airlines Arena.


During the conference, Market America executives and other industry leaders revealed the latest company updates. This included unveiling new products that will now be sold by Market America. It also included a peak into the new technology that will now be utilized by the company and its team.


Brian Bonar Balances Employee Organization And French Cuisine

Financial executives have been receiving a lot of press lately especially with the making of films such as the Wolf of Wall Street and television shows like Incorporated. According to PR Newswire, Brian Bonar is one of the successful ones whose career could essentially be a roadmap for anyone looking to make it big with the markets themselves.

His primary role as CEO of Trucept, Inc, means that he is putting his expertise to work for him by helping other companies with the professional employee organization (PEO) services that they need to flourish.

The heights which he now reigns at are a long way from the humble Technical Engineering degree that he first received at James Watt Technical College. Although a subsequent master’s in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University took him closer to the precipices that he now reigns from in order to assist others and leverage his background to good effect.

Trucept is effective at handling various tasks so that the clients can focus more on their individual initiatives rather than the somewhat mundane tasks that his organization allows them to outsource. These tasks include payroll management, human resources administration, and employee benefits primarily.

Brian Bonar as a work history and background which ideally places him to specialize in mergers and acquisitions as well. The companies that he manages all benefit from suggestions and ideas which are many times adapted to the unique environment that their particular models require in order to implement solutions that set them ahead of the competition.

Staffing as well as risk management and a few other important areas are also given great consideration in order for companies to rise to the top through the assistance from one of the top in his field.

From his place in Escondido, California, Brian Bonar has also taken the time to begin to assemble a restaurant mini-empire which benefits from the fact there are still some bastions of resistance against the ultra-modern wave which has taken in so much of San Diego County as it continues to drive rents higher and create an air of exclusiveness in so much of the area.

Changing the name from Tango to Bellamy’s, the experience is much the same, but the cuisine has been taken to the next level with the help of a Master Chef of France named Ponsaty.

There is so much on the menu to enjoy, with everything from a composed beet salad which is differentiated through its deep-red beat ice cream that gives it the sugar it desires instead of the candied nuts that so often accomplish the task to a mushroom ravioli which also vies for the position of guilty pleasure for adoring residents who make the journey in to try the latest creations.

Reviews are labeling it as some of the best food in the San Diego area which definitely is a call to action for anyone foodie interested in something exquisite.

Famous Female Celebrities At the Top of Their Game


Niki Minaj

Nicki Minaj, a 34 year old famous rapper under the Young Money Entertainment label, is one of the most recognized female MC’s of all time. Nicki has released 3 studio albums; “Pink Friday”, “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded”, and “The Pinkprint”. Known for her fast flow and use of different accents while rapping, Nicki is an icon in the hip hop world. Not only is she popular in rap genre, but also in the fashion industry. Nicki has been known for wearing colorful wigs and costumes that are very unique for the occasion. Lately, Nicki has been featured in many movies such as “Barbershop: the Next Cut” and “Ice Age: Continental Drift”.  She’s also pretty famous for her ASS-ets.  The Nicki Minaj butt is pretty legendary.


Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a 41 year old American actress and filmmaker. Over the course of her career, she has received an Academy Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and three Golden Globe Awards. Known for her major roles in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and the “Tomb Raider” series, Angelina Jolie is an icon in the acting world. Off the set, Angelina is known for her marriage and separation (2016) to infamous actor, Brad Pitt. They had six children together, three of which were adopted. One of the most recent Angelina Jolie movies was in the 2014 film, Maleficent.

We’re Still Here!: Many Hollywood ‘Golden Oldies’ Are Still Around

One of the most difficult things for celebrities to deal with is the change in audiences. As patrons of television programming and movies evolve, so do the demands they place on the celebrity community. Unfortunately, once a celebrity has fallen out of fashion, or aged past their prime, audiences will automatically associate old famous people with the past.

Some celebrities who have dwindled into their twilight, are assumed to no longer be in the land of the living. Here are four examples of celebrities from Hollywood’s Golden Eras who are still very much alive.

Kirk Douglas

Though 2017 is Mr. Douglas’ 100th year, he is still going strong. He is long past the desire for acting and being in the limelight, but never fails to drop the jaws of people who assume he had passed long ago. Spartacus is alive and well!

Doris Day

This sweetheart made news recently with a discovery that she was older than she had believed. Most people assume that Doris Day passed decades ago, but an issue with her birth certificate reignited public interest. It is now a fact that instead of being 93, Ms. Day now knows she is 95.

Jerry Lewis

After his telethon emcee gig for the Children’s Miracle Network lost its broadcast spot, and audiences had no way of staying in touch with him each Labor Day, Jerry Lewis receded from the limelight. He still gives a humorous interview at home every once in a while, but at 91 he prefers to reflect quietly.  He’s starred in some of the greatest movies of all time.

Carol Channing

Everyone’s favorite “Darling” has discontinued her entertainment career, but is still loves life at her Seattle residence. She is now 96, and her smokey voice and snarky attitude still remain iconic anomalies in the world of stardom.