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  Marwan Kheireddine Recap

Marwan Kheireddine is a Lebanese-Palestinian artist currently living in Beirut. He has been working in contemporary art since 2007... Read More

 Alfons Hörmann Recap

Anyone who wants to combat the threat of state autonomy in sport, as envisioned by Alfons Hörmann, and who... Read More
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 Dr. Barry Lall's Journey From Medicine to the Hospitality Industry

Dr. Bharat Lall sits at the head of a hospitality empire stretching from California to Texas. Dr. Lall discovered... Read More
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Wes Edens is an American Businessman and Billionaire

Wes Edens is an American businessman and billionaire. He was born in 1968 and is currently the co-founder, chairman,... Read More
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Sameday Health Application Bringing Positive Impact To The Healthcare Sector

Technology has significantly impacted the healthcare sector both positively and negatively. The advancement and implementation of modern tech in... Read More
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Making It Better: Vik Bansal

Being the CEO of a company is no easy task. It takes a lot of dedication and skill in... Read More
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 John Savignano Recap

John Savignano’s Leadership Style John Savignano is the Chief Executive Officer of The Savignano Group, a global real estate... Read More
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Haroldo Jacobovicz: A Successful Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur

Haroldo Jacobovicz, a renowned Brazilian serial entrepreneur, inventor, and civil engineer, is passionate about innovative solutions. He has ventured... Read More
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 Alex Pissios' Contribution to the Chicago Film Industry

The growth of the Chicago film industry is mainly attributed to one man’s efforts,  Alex Pissios . His endeavours... Read More
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Don Manifold’s career and professional accomplishments

Don Manifold is a name that signifies success. He graduated from the Australian Graduate School of Management and worked... Read More