Alddo Molinar – A Passionate Anesthesiologist

Alddo Molinar, an attending anesthesiologist at East Ohio Regional Hospital, attended the University of Texas, where he received a medical degree and proceeded to Cleveland Clinic for his residency. During his residency, he met his wife, whom he values very much. Alddo Molinar has a work-life balance and describes his family as his new crew (Healthgrades).


Alddo’s passion for becoming a doctor was realized when he lost his grandmother to pancreatic cancer. He notes that he used to look up to his grandmother, who was the rock of strength for the family despite her illness. Alddo has now dedicated his life to helping the sick from suffering through their illnesses. In addition,he worked at the Rio Grande, where he got to interact and help the community in various ways. Alddo Molinar is a dedicated leader and loves to be at work on time. He notes that preparations for surgery began the previous day. Surgical instruments are sterilized, and other materials are available to the operating room. The critical care medicine expert wakes up at 0515 hours in the morning, and he is at work by 0615 hours. 

Alddo Molinar

Specialized anesthesiologist Alddo Molinar also highlights that there are various rooms in the hospital that need urgent care in case of an emergency. Some of these rooms include the intensive care unit, recovery rooms, and the main desk. The renowned anesthesiologist believes that it is important to source a good team in any organization. According to Alddo Molinar, collaborating with the team helps bring up great ideas. In addition, Alddo inspires his team to be bold and hardworking so that they can help the patients effectively. 

Alddo Molinar believes that technology has revolutionized medicine. It has particularly been helpful in the operating room because doctors can get quick alerts of any issues with the patients with the help of a AI in medicine. Alddo Molinar is a man of diversity as he took much interest in various subjects during his college years, including music and Asian Religions. He also loves to read and expand his knowledge each day. Alddo also values his physical and mental health and advises people to be very mindful of these two as they go about their professional careers.