Alejandro Betancourt Finds A Diamond In the Rough

Financial success has come faster than most startups for Hawkers Co., an eyewear trendsetter, who are making their bones through social media. Thanks in part to early financial backer and current President Alejandro Betancourt Hawkers Co. has taken the sunglass market by storm.

Back in 2012, the four founders started the company in Spain with the idea of a Spanish-style Craigslist. After failing to make a profit, they searched for another revenue stream. With a mere $300 investment, the founders decided to resale sunglasses through an online platform. Today, the company has revenue of over $100 million, with no sign of slowing down.

When the founders initially met with Alejandro Betancourt in 2016, the company was struggling to keep pace with their growth and suffering financial setbacks. Alejandro Betancourt who had already established an excellent reputation in the financial sector, stepped in and immediately saw the potential in the sunglass brand. Alejandro knew what drove young people to buy, primarily high-priced value for lower-end prices, coupled with the fact that most Hawkers sales were conducted online.

Alejandro immediately created a marketing strategy for the company, such as a digital ad collaboration with El Ganso, a Spanish apparel company. He then negotiated a cash infusion agreement with O’Hara Administration investors for an initial round of funding that allowed the company to stay on track.

Alejandro Betancourt became the major shareholder of the company in 2018, and the company currently has celebrity endorsers and is known for trendsetting and edgy sunglasses. Thinking outside the box and having forethought have helped this brand under Alejandro Betancourt’s leadership. To know more click: here.