Alejandro Betancourt Leveraging his Professionalism to Boost Hawkers Sales

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a household name in the business ecosystem. Sure, the businessman has achieved significant success throughout his professional endeavors. The entrepreneur enrolled at Suffolk University to amass a wealth of knowledge in business and economics. Of course, he flaunts a successful track record of pursuing innovative projects and key in promoting the future. Around 2016, the business sought out to join Hawkers, an eyewear company that was encountering a financial crisis at the time. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez brought in his perfected skills and a background in career achievements. Prior to joining Hawkers, the entrepreneur co-founded an energy firm that employed a score of individuals while bringing forth power to thousands of families.

Following this success, he pivoted towards working with O’Hara Administration, a renowned asset management company. Being able to lay out expertise and resources to help fledgling companies thrive motivated him to chase his projects. Furthermore, the businessman distinguishes himself in initiating Green Program, which encourages reforestation efforts and energy efficiency. His venture with Hawkers saw him invest significant capital to help the eyewear company scale and regain its footprint. In 2018, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez plunged in an investment of nearly 20 million Euros, making him the majority shareholder with 50% of the firm’s assets. The entrepreneur partnered with Nacho Puig to spearhead the company’s branding strategies. They uncovered the potential greatness of technology in selling Sunglasses.

Hawkers’ early marketing efforts included attempts to bring the company’s sunglasses into the hands of several prominent athletes, influencers, and actresses. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez and Nacho incorporated Internet marketing which boosted Hawkers’ sales. Sure, the company leveraged social media channels in marketing its sunglasses to potential customers. The marketing expert’s encouragement accelerated various efforts within the company to gain visibility. Moreover, the eyewear company expanded its marketability by designing high-end and affordable sunglasses. Today, the company has flourished significantly and sold nearly 60-70 million Euros worth of sunglasses.

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