Alejandro Betancourt’s Success Story at Hawkers Co.

Rarely, new companies do not write financial success stories because they take some time to reach the required standards. However, some ways exist in giving every venture an edge as far as a perfect approach is in place. Hawkers is a perfect establishment in the fashion eyewear sector and have registered a successful name on different social media platforms.

The agency managed to grow annual revenues beyond approximately $100 million, and this can be attributed to the decision made by the founders. Alejandro Betancourt is the current president who had a robust control in determining the company’s direction. Hawkers Co.’s initial products easily resonated with the youth, and so it harnessed the popularity to spread out in major regions in the world.

Hawkers’ initial development agenda was not to sell sunglasses. The four founders opted for this chance while assessing how to fund other ventures. They were trying to develop Craigslist’s Spanish version, a brand that resold California’s sunglasses and made considerable profits. Within two years, this purchase became a $60 million revenue idea.

The venture experienced some initial challenges because the founders were not ready for the fashion business. Even though the agency was earning enough money, it was spent to maintain the production process. The founders decided to hire Alejandro Betancourt, a successful investor.

Alejandro Betancourt was already a success with O’Hara Administration, and so the Hawkers job was easy. O’Hara was an asset management establishment that funded projects across the globe, and Alejandro Betancourt discovered a lot regarding why some ventures succeed more than others who do not easily stamp their footing.

Betancourt had unique financial instincts, and this became a perfect advantage for the company. Alejandro tapped into the brand’s values carefully, thereby drawing closer the youth because they like quality and favorably priced products. also, a thumping majority of the sunglasses are ordered online, and so its social media dominance drives the sales up. To know more click: here.