Alfons Hörmann's Input on the Future of German Sport

The outgoing president of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB), Alfons Hörmann Tacheles, spoke at the end of his six-month tenure at the top of Germany’s Olympic and Paralympic organizing committee. The retiring leader slammed legislators and ministers for their inability to comprehend the importance of sport in human health. And he had much to say about German sports’ future. Hörmann: “German sport will be successful where the state does not intervene and fail where the authorities have a role. in it”

By comparison, Hörmann believes the Olympic squad in China will have a huge meltdown in a little over three months based on their performance in the summer games. Almost everyone involved in sports policy in German professional sports organizations must agree with this concise statement. While praising the job, a top official inquired if anybody had declared a substantial amount of their present financial status to its sports officials. After eight years of DOSB leadership under the current president, Hans-Dietrich Hörmann, it will be interesting to see who cuts the top and who does not.

Under former Federal President Christian Wulff’s supervision, search committee members have reportedly received interest from many applicants in presenting their expertise to take the top job. A dispute has broken out between Germany’s Olympic Committee (DOSB) and the Federal Ministry of Interior (FMI). The DOSB was also slammed by the Bundestag’s most recent sports committee. It was rare for Thomas Bach, the president of the International Olympic Committee, to be close to the leaders of the DOSB group.

Those who oppose state autonomy in sports must be able to unite and negotiate. There is no internal opinion on the Olympics. Hormann argues that anyone seeking public funds or political support for significant initiatives must demonstrate their commitment. The German Association of Sports Federations (DOSB) has a critical role in promoting school and club sports. Athleten Deutschland, a vital and self-confident group of athletes, may influence the DOSB in sports politics. It has been decades since

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