Andreas Hassellof of Ombori Joins the Swedish Innovators Focused to Upgrade Industries

Sweden accounts for a small global population percentage, but that does not bar its innovative minds. Andreas Hassellof comes from this small Scandinavian state and is a proud founder of Ombori, a company that is making extensive progress globally. Ombori’s influence is felt throughout the technologies and services that describe daily lives from retail stores to music streaming, online payment systems, and gaming.

Andreas Hassellof believes that Sweden is a boiling pot for exciting tools and even new companies that quickly build multi-billion-dollar exploits. Sweden was formerly a kingdom and is a Nordic state found between Finland, Norway, and Denmark. The country’s size is approximately 173,000 mile2 and a modest population totaling 10.4 million people. It all began in the 1800s with the Stenbeck and Wallenberg families who are still influential over the nation’s markets and investing contributed massively to the national economy.

In the past two hundred years, innovation and savvy investment have been lucrative, making Sweden become an elite country, innovation-wise globally. Today, Sweden headquarters several international companies, thereby shaping the industries’ futures and positioning them to conquer the world at an elevated stage.

Many prominent ventures account for the massive success of the nation’s economic platform. The sector makes up 22.2% of the GDP and has almost 17.7% of the workforce. The IT equipment sector and telecommunications are essential because they contribute to 65.2% of the GDP by hiring 80.7% of the workforce.

A majority of Sweden’s globalized ventures have become giants be they in retail, telecom, or manufacturing. Some of these names are more familiar to readers, and they include; Ericsson, H&M, and Volvo. These companies have been pivotal in enhancing better economic progress that Sweden has enjoyed in the past century. Ericsson was established in Stockholm back in 1876 and is a famous telecommunication agency whose value is $45.64 billion.