Cloud Inventory – Covering The Field Inventory With The Cloud

Data Systems International leads the field of inventory management and they are innovating. DSI has announced it will offer integration of the Salesforce platform, which helps companies manage customer relationships, with Cloud Inventory – Field Inventory Management.

Field Inventory Management will help to optimize the field services aspect of Salesforce. Field Inventory is a platform built for use on mobile devices. It lets users track status and location in real time of every piece of inventory no matter where it is in the field.

Salesforce customers will now be able to use Field Inventory Management to track everything from inventory to tools to labor. Technicians in the field can update work orders in real time using the app. Data entered this way is immediately integrated with the CRM (customer relationship management) system, making it available to the customer without delay. Accurate and timely access to data is a benefit to the customer experience.

Customer relationship management is essential to any successful company using Salesforce, many of which provide field services. These companies can take advantage of Field Inventory to provide their customers with the latest, most relevant information available regarding service appointment times, inventory availability, delivery lead times, and real time tracking of all these things.

In a time when supply chains can become unreliable, DSI’s Cloud Inventory, along with its mobile-first apps, give organizations confidence with this level of inventory visibility in real time. Customers have the information available so that they know exactly where every piece of the job is at any given time. Armed with this knowledge, those customers never have to wonder whether the job will be done on time.

Armed with this knowledge and Field Inventory management, companies are prepared to improve sales, marketing, and overall brand image through fast, efficient, transparent service. See this page for some of amazing reviews about them.


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