David Azzato UK-based Entrepreneur and Capital Investor

David Azzato is an entreprenur based in the United Kingdom. He is a writer who advises his readership concerning the joys and pitfalls derived from being an entrepreneur. Though the term may be attractive and sound glamorous to some, he directly admits that cycles will repeat where there are exhilarating periods mixed with evasive periods as well. One area in which David Azzato shares expertise is focused with investment opportunities. Recent posts visit the topic of bitcoin, blockchain and or cryptocurrency. These terms are all interrelated under the main term, cryptocurrency.

David Azzato cites the existence of cryptocurrency having its inception around 2009. It appears to have had both a boom and bust cycle, even though cautious optimism seems to continually accompany its journey within global markets.

Unlike the traditional economy where money is mined and or minted, cryptocurrency does not have a central source controlling its mining and circulation. According to David Azzato, cryptocurrency is mined by up to 0.2 percent of the global energy source via powerful computing tools. There is attention being given to this statistic as cryptocurrency continues to establish itself as an investment option across the world.

The continuous record concerning cryptocurrency is called a blockchain. The blockchain is largely encrypted and thus is seen to offer security by their design. Moreover, blockchains are controlled by keys and addresses rather than people.

Azzato points out that by comparison, transactions made with cryptocurrency occur in a fraction of the time when measured against traditional economy measures. In general, a cryptocurrency transaction may occur under five minutes time. The values in cryptocurrency are the same between national and international boundaries.

It is felt, cryptocurrency is in, or on the verge of entering a bull market. This is evident from statistics, hedge fund closures, and a slower rhythm in the overall cryptocurrency marketplace. This cycle is forecast to perhaps last up to 18 months.

The recent COVID pandemic is seen to advantageously influence interest in cryptocurrency by indirect fashion. It has seemed to add momentum to a new form of marketing termed decentralized finance, which has been used for a couple years.

The benefits to cryptocurrency are several and include:- Decentralized finance increases the flexibility of cryptocurrency.

– Cryptocurrency, compared to other forms, offers an alternative to the wiles of inflation or costly expense ratios.

– As the number of investors in cryptocurrency grows, worthwhile projects receive further financial stability.

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