Don Manifold Is One of The Best When It Comes to Corporate Advisory

Don Manifold is one of the most successful businessmen and entrepreneurs from Australia. He is from Mount Gambier. He started his career in a small Australian city called Adelaide. Over the years, Don Manifold has worked and traveled throughout Europe to cities such as Melbourne, London, and Sydney. In 2006 Mr. Manifold returned to Adelaide and started his Don Manifold Corporate Advisory Firm. This advisory firm is one of the most prominent and most successful advisory firms in South Australia. Mr. Manifold is not just the company’s founder, but he is also the joint managing director.

Mr. Manifold is very experienced in the corporate finance industry. He has precisely twenty-five years of experience. He has successfully advised and completed 60 plus capital raisings, acquisitions, IPOs, and divestments. The dollar total for all of these completed transactions was over 3 billion dollars. Mr. Manifold has successfully helped businesses across many industries such as technology, agriculture, financial services, etc. Mr. Manifold had been involved and advised on multiple high-profile transactions throughout South Australia. The most notable high-profile transactions that he completed or was involved in are the acquisition of ABB Grain, S. Kidman & Co’s sale, Powerhealth, and Adelaide Bank’s acquisition.

Mr. Manifold is a member of multiple prestigious organizations regarding accounting and finance. He is very well educated and was an honor student throughout his collegiate years. Mr. Manifold has a bachelor’s degree in economics with an emphasis on accounting. He received his degree from the Australian Graduate School of Management. Mr. Manifold also has a master’s degree in business administration that he also received from the Australian Graduate School of Management. Mr. Manifold took all of his years of experience to build a very successful advisory firm. He also focused this firm on building up his country, especially South Australia. Go Here for related Information.