DSI integrates Cloud Inventory With Salesforce To Optimize Service Work Tracking

Data Systems International has been at the forefront in developing cloud-based tracking solutions for different service industries. When companies are involved in service delivery, they would like to track the services from the head offices. The interlocution of field inventory services has improved service delivery. The management team is in full control of activities that occur in the field. They can come up with effective strategies to deal with a wide range of issues that affect the service industry.

DSI Integration with Salesforce

The DSI decision to integrate Cloud Inventory with salesforce allows for more control and tracking of the processes in the service industry. For example, they can keep track of the different processes where the experts are hired to undertake. It is a great way to optimize service delivery because workers can be tracked from the main office. It eliminates cases where workers can end up underperforming because they know they are not tracked. The technology has been well received by the experts.

Visibility for Service Work Orders

The Field Inventory Management is a great move towards tracking the service orders. When customers order services, they would like to get them delivered fast. It is easy to know more about the progress of the service delivery through checking out the inventory. The mobile-first-based cloud inventory systems can be utilized to monitor the progress of the services.

Accurate capturing data on the equipment

During service delivery, the experts would like to keep track of their services and the tools sued. Some service industries require the use of expensive tools. The management team can keep an inventory of the tools and their maintenance status. It leads to more efficiency in the tools because they can be maintained in time to avoid cases where they can end up failing when least expected. The technology is very reliable in improving service delivery. Read this article, for related information.


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