Edgard Corona Career Success

Smart Fit creator and CEO, Edgard Corona, founded the company in 2009. He now has locations in 13 Latin American nations and is regarded as a true pioneer in his area. Corona has over 30 years of fitness experience, but his passions extend beyond the gym. True metamorphosis fascinates him, and he gives it to his clients as a valuable benefit when they join one of his gyms.

The transformational process has always enthralled corona. Edgard Corona was constantly engaged in his personal life, regardless of what he was doing at work. He had a skiing accident in the 1990s that required him to go to physical therapy. He would learn how gyms functioned and what they could offer the public during his time in rehabilitation.

He founded Academia Bio Ritmo in 1996 after focusing on a feasible business concept. He was ready to open the next facility by 1997. Corona recognized a need in Latin America for a fitness-focused venue. He believed that individuals should be able to acquire the guidance they needed to be in shape.

Workout studios were mainly non-existent in his part of the world, owing to a lack of apparent demand. Edgard Corona capitalized on an unmet need and subsequently dominated the sector. Edgard Corona realized that after the success of his previous enterprise, he wanted to reach out to a broader audience. Smart Fit caters to people of all walks of life, with affordable prices and world-class facilities.

Customers come to these establishments because they know they’ll find a plan that will help them keep active at any age. Corona concentrated on establishing a simple business strategy that would allow him to scale to several sites without compromising the quality of his services, much as he did with Bio Ritmo.

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