Exploring Deepfakes With Richard DeVaul, Pretty Scary

Deepfakes are the latest advancement in computer-generated imagery (CGI), and Richard DeVaul has been at the forefront of this development for some time now. Richard is an associate professor at MIT Media Lab, where he heads up their new Interaction Design group.

Richard’s team researches ways to create seamless interactions between humans and digital interfaces using AI algorithms that generate naturalistic behavior on virtual objects based on human gestures. Richard DeVaul has had his hands in many projects over the years, including helping develop Google Earth VR and Microsoft’s HoloLens project—both critical examples of how Deep Learning can be used to make digital experiences more real.

This article explores Richard DeVaul’s career and philosophy about developing artificial intelligence and how best to interact with it. Richard talks about “natural” vs. “artificial,” and how AI can be used in everyday situations such as grocery shopping or baking a cake. Richard also shares his philosophy on happiness and motivations for pursuing this career path (he got into computer science as a child). Richard DeVaul wants to “help people live more effective lives by using computing power to help them sort through what’s complicated.”

He also wants us to use “Deep Learning” to teach computers how to most effectively interact with humans. Richard DeVaul is the director of MIT Media Lab’s new Interaction Design Group, where he researches ways to create seamless interactions between humans and digital interfaces. Richard has had several breakthroughs in his careers, such as helping develop Google Earth VR and Microsoft HoloLens.

Richard DeVaul wants to create an experience where all of our devices understand what we want without us having to say a word; Richard’s team is researching this, and they’re making good progress towards achieving this goal. Richard DeVaul has been at the forefront of AI, virtual reality, computer vision, and other technologies.

Richard DeVaul is one of the co-founders of New Deal Studios. Richard has worked on some films that have been nominated for Oscars, most notable of which are Avatar, Star Trek, and Iron Man. Richard met James Cameron when they were both working on Battle Beyond the Stars (1980). Richard became the set professor on Battle Beyond the Stars. Richard also worked as a special effect’s coordinator for James Cameron’s, The Abyss (1989). Richard and James Cameron were both nominated for an Oscar for their work on The Abyss. Richard was also a special effects coordinator on James Cameron’s Aliens (1986). Click here for more information.


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