Fortress Investment Group Is Led By Billionaire Peter Briger

Peter Briger is an investment professional that is one of the co-founders and presidents of the Fortress Investment Group. As one of the leading investment companies in alternative investments in the country, Peter Briger has made serious contributions to the company’s growth over the years. Today, Peter is also on the board of directors and oversees the companies real estate division. Peter built his education at Pennsylvania University and has spent many years working in the financial industry at various real estate and investment firms.

Peter Briger’s area of focus at Fortress Investment Group is the credit department as well as overseeing the Real Estate division. With a team of several hundred employees working at the company, Peter has created a healthy working environment with talented and helpful individuals waiting to help clients. Peter’s efforts have brought a great deal of growth to the company over the years, which has also greatly improved Peter’s reputation. Over the past several years he has been nominated for various awards and been put on various lists over the course of his career. At a time, Peter was one of the top 400 most successful men in the entire country. Peter has also been noted as one of the richest men in the investment world as well, making the list of top billionaires in 2007.

Throughout his career, Peter Briger has associated himself with the community in many different situations. Today, he is working as the director for the Tipping Point Foundation, which aims to help families that are in the low-income bracket find better living circumstances. Peter also plays a role at Caliber Schools on the Board of Directors where he helps students find four-year degrees for their college education. Just this year, Peter Briger joined up with the CNAS or Center for New American Security to help further the development of the company and their vision. There is no limit to what Peter will get involved in and he plans to use his position to help further many causes in the future and more