Gino Pozzo

Gino Pozzo is one of the co-owners of Watford Football Club and is also the chairman. Gino Pozzo is also the CEO and president of Udinese Calcio.

Gino Pozzo was born in Lissone, Italy. Still, he moved to England at a very young age with his family when his father, Roberto, became director of Manchester United FC in 1982. Roberto went on to transfer Gino to English football club Tottenham Hotspur where he played as a goalkeeper in their youth teams before injuries forced him into retirement at 18.

Gino Pozzo is the director of Watford FC, the owner of Udinese Calcio, and the President of Udinese. He used to be a player at Tottenham Hotspur, where he played as a goalkeeper for their youth team before an injury forced him into retirement at 18 years old. After that, he became a director at Sunderland AFC. Gino Pozzo has been responsible for changing different aspects of football since the late 1980s, including starting many new football clubs and bringing many new ideas to existing clubs, such as his idea to give away free tickets to local students or his idea in 1989 that every club should have a youth training academy.

His Achievements after being elected the new CEO and President of Udinese are as follows:

They reached their highest ever position in the Serie A table in 2012 and became a regular feature in the Europa League; because of this, they have also played in European competitions against clubs such as Valencia CF (twice), Werder Bremen, and ACF Fiorentina. They won their first-ever trophy when they lifted the Coppa Italia after beating SSC Napoli 2-0 at Stadio Olimpico.

They won for the second time when they lifted it again. The third time was not to be believed. They did it again. For their third and final time, they beat Juventus FC 1-0 to become the three-time Coppa Italia holders and are now considered a prestigious club in Italy. They reached the group stages of the Champions League for the first time in their history, which was something that both Gino Pozzo and his father Roberto wanted when they took over Watford FC just before Christmas in 2012. See related link to learn more.

They have also invested a lot of money into their youth sector. On 28 January 2013, they signed four 17-year-old players from AC Milan: Gabriel Bruschini, Michelangelo Albertazzi, Andrea Cocco, and Lorenzo Crisetig.


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