Gordonstoun is an old school invented in 1934 by a preceptor known as Dr. Kurt, who had to flee to the UK.

When the school was starting, Prince Philip became the tenth pupil to be admitted.

Right at this time, when he was just 13, Philip began his journey to success.

Dr. Han was his role model while at school.

When Prince Philip died, Gordonstoun school released his school reports after getting a permission grant.

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Unfortunately, he died before this time, and these reports were meant to honor him for his outstanding accomplishments right from school.

The reports were indeed impressive and were a total reflection of the kind of learner Philip was.

In the reports, it was mentioned that Philip never gave up on anything throughout his time at school.

He would work hard till he achieved whatever he set his mind on.

These were one of the reasons why he was an exceptional learner.

Before the engagement between Prince Philip and Princess Elizabeth, the headmaster of Gordonstoun had been asked to write a record on the prince for the time he was at the school.

The description also mentioned that Philip was a brilliant pupil who quickly tackled tasks given and would never settle for less.

While in school, Philip was also good at sports, and he loved it.

He participated in sailing and was also the captain of both hockey and cricket teams.

Throughout his entire life, Philip has kept on making visits back to Gordonstoun.

His latest stop was in 2014 when he attended the school’s 8oth anniversary.

The event made many students wonder in awe at Philip’s great humility.

He had decided to go and queue with the students while taking lunch and refused to be served his meal as the guest he was.

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