How To Make DSI Cloud Inventory Products a Powerful Tool for Salesforce

Customers can take advantage of this comprehensive inventory and service management product bundle by configuring the DSI FactoryLogic SAP server with Field Inventory Management. In the app’s dashboard, a user can retrieve real-time statistics about the tools, inventory, and service orders in the field and generate quotes for service.

Through this integration, service managers and their customers can view the status of the service orders. They can likewise check the tool’s status in the field. Salesforce users will be able to generate quotes, place service orders, and receive reports on the real-time status of the entire field inventory.

Why Salesforce?

Enterprise systems require massive amounts of data which is then captured and stored in silos of information. By moving this information to the Salesforce Cloud, enterprise data is used to manage inventory, tools, and service work orders. Sales and service managers can handle service work orders more efficiently and effectively with this capability.

How it Works

The customer inventory can be transferred from the Field Inventory Management application to a mobile device, which records the inventory and the customer’s order information on the Salesforce CRM Cloud.

The Warehouse Inventory and order information are imported to the CRM Cloud via the corresponding Field Inventory application within the Salesforce app to provide real-time data regarding inventory, tools, and labor in the field, linked to the original work order.

Whether dealing with the Manufacturing Materials customer, the customer can then add tasks and modify work orders using the Field Inventory application through the Salesforce user interface. The completed work order is transferred to the field service technician via the Field Inventory mobile application.

Integration with Salesforce

“Salesforce is an ideal partner for our solutions in the field. We are excited to work with Salesforce to add the Field Inventory apps to Salesforce’s impressive lineup of inventory management and Field Service applications,” said, CEO of DSI. “Our Cloud Inventory Products solution is ideally suited to provide a complete customer engagement from the field through the CRM.”

With the ability to tie their field inventory application to Salesforce CRM, DSI customers will be able to provide on-demand inventory management to Salesforce users with real-time tools. Real-time inventory and order management give field personnel the power to interact with a user via phone, tablet, or desktop.


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