John Ritenour: The Inspiration behind IOA Sports

John Ritenour is the founder of Insurance Of America (IOA), committed to personalized care, and offers support to sports teams by providing partnerships and customized coverage. He was determined and worked hard towards developing his career from an early age. John Ritenour worked in a steel enterprise and later moved to insurance sales, where he gained the skills required to come up with his own company. His greatest desire was to keep the company within his family, and therefore his son, Heath Ritenour, took over the company after his retirement.

Insurance Of America is one of the biggest insurance firms in the US and has more than 80,000 customers. It provides insurance cover for key sports teams. Insurance professionals need to understand these teams and anticipate potential concerns to provide adequate coverage. Some of the challenges of sports coverage include changes caused by COVID-19 and contentious issues, like concussions. IOA sells insurance policies and is intensively involved in educating the consumer on the risks. It currently partners with Las Vegas Raiders (NFL), Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL), Washington Wizards (NBA), US Club Soccer, among others. These partnerships have been a source of community recognition.

The sports industry has grown tremendously in the last ten years. In 2018, the sports market was valued at $471 billion globally; consequently, each NBA team is valued at at least $1 billion. With such huge amounts of money at risk, it’s essential to ensure that teams are well insured. The right policy will caution the team from any disaster. John Ritenour has received several awards such as the Eloise Trainor honor, Entrepreneur of the year, and Success award for business accomplishment. He emphasizes the value of good work ethics and hard work. Therefore, he has instilled the same values in his son, Heath Ritenour, currently the CEO of Insurance of America.

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