Juan Monteverde, a Leader in Class Action Suits

Juan Monteverde is an attorney with a significant impact in class action suits. Shareholders of public companies can at times be a disadvantaged group. As a result, they face great financial damages resulting from unfair actions taken by the public company. A deep look into a majority of these cases brings forth a scenario of corporate fraud, and these are some of the issues which Juan Monteverde gets to address through his practice. Further, he handles these cases through his firm Monteverde and associates PC. Regarding securities law and class action suits, Mr. Monteverde is a reliable source that can be counted on in New York and across the United States.

Some of the matters Juan Monteverde handles are mergers and acquisitions. His role in the clients’ case is usually to ensure that the interest of his client is adequately represented. Further through consultancy services on issues of company shares, companies that choose to consult with Mr. Monteverde make informed decisions when it comes to their shareholders.

Mr. Monteverde has also ensured that he gets to share his vast knowledge on matters of mergers. Therefore he offers public speaking services, and so far, he has spoken at PLI, ACI, ABA, to name a few. To back up the knowledge he shares on such platforms, this renowned New York attorney has published many articles both on the theoretical part of the law and litigation.

Before incorporating his law firm, Mr. Monteverde put his focus on growing his knowledge first. Monteverde wanted to build a firm that could assist clients in fulfilling their legal needs. For this reason, he has built a customer-centric firm, and this is the one strategy that has given Monteverde great success in practice. Therefore for Monteverde, the needs of his clients are a top priority.

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