Kuwaiti European Holding CEO Abdulla Al Humaidi: An Inspiring Leader

Abdulla Al Humaidi is an inspirational leader. He has taken his company to new heights in the last few years, and he has done so with a minimal investment of time and money. His success can be attributed to one thing: taking calculated risks. According to Abdulla Al Humaidi, his first major investment was in a new mobile phone company, and he did so even though the trend was going away from phones. Now, his decision has paid off. His second calculated risk involved investing heavily into an up-and-coming virtual reality technology startup that now dominates the market for VR headsets worldwide.


Abdulla Al Humaidi is always willing to take on risky ventures with high returns if they also offer growth opportunities for Kuwaiti European Holding as a whole. Successful investor Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi understands how important it is to be agile when adapting to changing markets and consumer demands. This quality sets him apart from many other leaders who have stood by outdated strategies for years longer than necessary simply because change can be difficult. Abdulla Al Humaidi is fearless.


It’s no secret that he has a direct line to the Kuwaiti royal family, but his leadership skills are not what they owe their success to; it’s his ability to deliver results. Abdulla Al Humaidi knows how important it is for employees and customers alike to feel part of something bigger than themselves. So he often takes time out of working hours or during weekends to have lunch with workers in the cafeteria-something unheard of among CEOs at companies this size! This level of personal touch goes over well because people know precisely where Abdulla Al Humaidi stands on specific issues without him having to explain himself again and again. They also know when changes might come up because if the CEO feels like he needs to make a change, it’s better for all involved if they’re the first ones to know.