Pam Baer: A Digital Marketing Executive With A Passion For Philanthropy

Pam Baer is a Digital Marketing Executive with a passion for philanthropy. Pam has been in the digital marketing business for over 10 years and recently started her own company, Pam Baer & Co., which supports good social organizations through their online presence. As an avid supporter of many charities and non-profits, she’s committed to ensuring that they have the best experience possible when it comes to their digital endeavors. Pam was recognized in 2014 for her outstanding support of the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation (SFGHF).

In an interview with The Boss Magazine, Pamela Baer discussed her work with SFGHF and how it’s been a life-changing experience for her.

“I got involved with the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation (SFGHF) when my father was diagnosed with cancer. I had never done any fundraising before, but I wanted to help out in whatever way I could. At the time, SFGHF was working on a campaign called ‘Keep Our Doctors.’ We needed to keep our doctors at the hospital – they were like family to us. So I started raising money for the campaign and ended up becoming one of their top fundraisers.”

Since then, Pam has continued her work with SFGH Foundation as a member of their Board. She’s helped them with everything from social media to events and has even been a keynote speaker at some fundraisers for the foundation.

In addition to her work with SFGHF, Pam worked closely with WomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women With Heart Disease since 2015 when they approached her about increasing their online presence through PBC & Co.’s services. “WomenHeart is so important because it supports all women who have heart disease,” says Baer. “It creates awareness that cardiovascular diseases affect one in three women.” To raise funds and create more visibility for this organization, she successfully hosted a fundraiser last year called ‘A Night Out’ where both men and women wore red dresses or suits to show their support. Refer to this article for additional information


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