Peter Briger Is A Leader In Finance And Philanthropist At Heart


Peter Briger is highly experienced in the field of finances and currently leads Fortress Investment Group along with his business partners, which have turned the company into an international success in a little under two decades. Peter Briger brings a whole host of different skills to the table and his experience is Barr none when it comes to the investment industry. Coupled with Wes Edens, another co-founder for Fortress Investment, the company has experienced billions of dollars in revenue gain over the past ten years. Peter Briger has built up his experience extensively over the past two decades, starting with his studies at Princeton Universty. Not only did Peter study at Princeton, but he also earned his MBA from Pennsylvania Unversity. Right after finishing his studies, Peter found a job at Goldman Sachs, where he stayed for roughly 15 years before making his move to Fortress Investment.

During Peter’s time at Goldman, he worked his way through the corporate ladder, even becoming a partner at the company in 1996. Today, Peter is making much more worthwhile contributions to his own company rather than another, where he has also been making steady progress. Since 2002, Peter has been managing the companies managerial operations and committees, working with private equity and credit assets. Today, Fortress Investment Group has an estimated value of more than 60 billion dollars. The primary audience for the company is capitalists and new ventures by individuals and more

Fortress Investment Group was also one of the first alternative investment companies to open to the public rather than staying a private-focused company. With billions of dollars in assets, Fortress Investment Group is one of the most successful financial companies in the market today. Much of this success is owed to the companies original founders, including Peter Briger. Part of Peters’s mission at the company hasn’t just been new growth for Fortress, but new growth in the social aspects for the company and himself as well. Throughout his years in the industry and at Fortress, Peter Briger has been an avid supporter of charities and has dedicated time and money to worthwhile projects around the country.