PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart explains the Impact of PosiGen in Communities

Due to its efficiency and affordability, Solar energy is now taking over worldwide. It is evident as most homes recently prefer to use solar over electricity as PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart states. Solar energy caters for all social classes, including the low-income earners. PosiGen, a solar company based in the United States, provides solar solutions to thousands of homes. PosiGen helped people who were looking for a better and affordable source in New Orleans after a hurricane.

The company concentrated on clients who wanted to revamp their homes. Most people looking forward to upgrading their homes after the hurricane also wanted to save money. Many homes prefer to work with PosiGen to get quality, guaranteed, and long-lasting energy provision. PosiGen CEO adds that the company installs and monitors the solar system with no added cost, which gives the client peace of mind knowing that the bill will not escalate. 


The solar panels installed absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity. With the world going green, PosiGen solar services help homeowners to consume clean energy with a low budget. The company does not require a specific credit score for the client but instead checks on their savings. Hence making families have a saving culture. In a recent report from PosiGen CEO, most investors in real estate now prefer connecting their homes to solar energy. Due to this shift, PosiGen Company has increased employees, which has translated to significant economic growth. 

With the employment rate going high, this has eradicated poverty, and the crime rate has gone down. A lot of investors are investing in energy efficiency. Using this data, PosiGen came up with a 12-year lease package for its clients. Most homeowners who take this package get discounts and pay no maintenance cost over the years, PosiGen CEO informs. It also boosts the cost of the property in case of a sale, making most homeowners want to install the solar system.