QNET Selling Strategy

QNET is a globally recognized e-commerce direct selling company that has high-quality products and services. They are determined in lifting their customers by allowing them to start their small sales businesses using QNET’s products.

QNET empower their entrepreneurial skills by giving them a platform that will improve their lifestyles. The company embraces the diversity of various parts of the world. It is Asian, but they have distributors from many parts that include Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South and East Asia, and Central Asia.

In emerging economies, the company has helped small business owners leave a footprint worldwide. Unlike the traditional retail Method, the company uses the direct selling method which eliminates middlemen. The method saves time, increases demand, and reduces costs. It also helps in creating a business-to-business network, thus operating in a big market.

Direct selling happens in three ways

  1. Single-Level Marketing

This is a method where the seller aims to operate in a specific city, creating her/his customers rather than having a direct selling team. The seller introduces products directly to the customers and can receive feedback.

  1. Party Plan Marketing

The seller organizes a party and invites business-minded people to come and try his/her products. Some contestants win the products, this highly works with household products where the customers later spread the news about the products.

  1. Multi-level Marketing

In Multi-Level Marketing, the seller sponsors marketing people instead of hiring employees. The method offers many job opportunities to people and has a low cost of operation to the direct seller.

Direct sellers highly succeed in the business because of the little startup capital. The seller reaps benefits within a few years of business operation. A constant flow of funds is created as the business grows in size and more consumption of products hikes. The future of QNET in India is promising as many new entrepreneurs have embraced the direct selling method.  Refer to this article for related information.


Learn more about QNET on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSEAMvavWFw