Rachel Nichols- Among the Few Female Voices In The Sports World


Rachel Nichols is a household name when it comes to sports. Recently, she managed to take part in an interview, and she managed to talk about how it feels to be a woman in an industry that males dominate.

As a sports writer, Nichols is passionate about sports. It’s also a big deal to be working in a sector dominated by men. She’s also not afraid of asking some tough questions when engaging some famous athletes. As a sports writer, Rachel Nichols has proven to be impactful, and she has become prominent in the process.

Currently, Nichols usually hosts “The Jump” on ESPN. She has focused her talent on elevating dialogue about NBA.

About Rachel Nichols

Rachel Nichols has been passionate about sports for long. As a kid, she would enjoy watching sports. To Nichols, being in the sports sector is fun, and she enjoys it. At a tender age, she knew she wouldn’t become an athlete, but she managed to become a part of the sports industry either way.

Rachel Nichols thought about her decision critically, and she was amazed to realize that there is an entire story that normally happens as the games go on. You never know what will happen. For instance, you may watch a film by a famous actor you’re sure it’ll be awesome. However, when it comes to sports, you never know which team will win. The fun part of it is that the results of the game aren’t predetermined. Rachel Nichols also believes that working in the sports sector is better than working in an office.

Nichols has worked at the Washington Post, and that is where she honed her reporting skills. She later transitioned to TV eventually. She would cover Washington Capitals, as a hockey writer. Before any game, she would write a segment and publish it. She has also managed to engage different sports figures notable in the sports sector. Read this article for related information.


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