Reasons Why Pam Baer Is A True Leader In Bay Area Philanthropy

Pamela Baer has dedicated her life to philanthropy, having spent much of her career at the San Francisco Foundation. Through this effort, Pam has seen many exciting medical developments that she believes make the life-changing difference that millions of people face every day. In 2006, the California Community Foundation tapped Pam to serve as CEO, bringing her decades of experience and expertise in policy and program development.

Pam and Larry have led this community-focused company into new ground, elevating the level of community engagement. Pam has spent much of her career developing customized fundraising programs. While studying at University of California, Berkeley, she assisted the government in their budgeting process and assisted in their budgeting of a baseball stadium, San Francisco Coliseum, named after her father.

According to Pam, her career choices at a young age provided an insight into the needs of society, thus paving the path to her current path of compassionate service. After graduating from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Anthropology, Pam Baer embarked on a yearlong backpacking journey through seven nations of Central America and lived in a community in rural Guatemala.

During the financial crisis of 2008, Pam experienced the impact of foreclosures firsthand. After spending the majority of her savings, she witnessed first-hand how charitable donations during these difficult times often were spent on temporary housing or aid to those who were receiving financial assistance through government assistance programs. Her approach to philanthropy has been a combination of medical training and a dedication to putting her assets toward more impactful causes. Go here for additional information.

Today, Pam is focused on healthcare, education, and environmentalism. In 2013, Pam was recognized as one of California’s Top Charitable Leaders by the Chronicle of Philanthropy. In an unprecedented move for a spouse of a CEO, Pam has carved out her own identity within the community. Pam and Larry Baer have raised two children, Jason and Meredith, who are both lawyers. Pam believes in giving back to the community through volunteering and this passion led her to found For Goodness Sake, an organization dedicated to providing support for charitable events.


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