Ryan Kavanaugh And His Latest Accomplishments

Ryan Kavanaugh is a businessman and movie producer. He has always been someone who wanted to change the way that Hollywood did things. This as you can imagine was not always met with excitement from everyone in Hollywood. So, when he created a new age movie and Tv company called Relativity Media and it went under in 2016 and losing one hundred million dollars as well as needing to file for bankruptcy in just two short years there were those who thought that they were done hearing from him, and he would be gone. However, that was not the case Ryan Kavanaugh is nothing if not determined and hardworking.

As many of us remember when President Trump was in office, he had said he was going to ban Tik Tok over the fear of the safety of users in the United States when it came to their personal information. Tik Tok was the number one used the app at that time so in preparation for it being banned, you saw users going to other platforms to create content as well as follow their favorite content users. This included a lot of people downloading the app Triller. This is very similar to the app Tik Tok overnight they became the number one downloaded app. An App that it just so happened that Ryam Kavanaugh had purchased the app back in 2019. Thankfully he did not give up on everything when things were not going his way. If Ryan Kavanaugh had sold thriller think on what an opportunity he would have been missing out on. Also, it is worth mentioning they were not just the number one most downloaded app in the United States it was in fifty-one different countries. That is an amazing thing for him to wake up to overnight.

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