San Francisco Art Enthusiast Bradley James Draws Light to Eco-Art

In this article Bradley James, Elected Trustee at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, highlights artists and institutions that are dedicated to making the art world more eco-friendly. The author also touches on types of sustainable art, and why this movement is likely to continue. While Bradley James highlights three specific artists, their mediums and styles are diverse, proving that eco-art is far from bland. From salt to icicles to Disney animation, these artists are expanding our ideas of how art is made. 

Bradley James

Their work also draws attention to the environmental issues that inspired these innovations, deepening the significance of their works. James also covers a variety of types of sustainable art. For Bradley James, these include simple concepts such as upcycling, or creating art from previously discarded or unwanted items, land art, or using items from nature to create art, and even bio-art, or working with live tissue or bacteria. 

These creative mediums are not only environmentally friendly, but they are also often cost-effective and accessible, making them even more attractive to artists who wish to promote more sustainable art. Rounding out this article, he calls attention to the ways various art institutions are responding to the need to be more eco-friendly. According to Bradley James, these efforts include everything from special exhibitions to reducing waste, though these changes present their own challenges. As Bradley James makes clear, art is a powerful tool in bringing attention to the growing environmental crisis, in San Francisco and all over the world.