Scarlett Sykes, a Gordonstoun Pupil Raises Funds To Aid In Brain Tumor Research

One of Gordonstoun’s students, Scarlett Sykes, organized a sponsored run for her colleagues at school.

She also organized a Facebook fundraiser campaign in honor of Paul Malcolm, a nurse who passed on in 2017 due to a brain tumor.

According to Sykes, Malcolm was also a British Reservist who had completed her operation in Afghanistan.

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Scarlett hopes to channel the contribution from the fundraiser and the run to the Brain Tumor Research, an organization whose recent research indicates that brain tumor is a leading cause of death for people under 40 years.

Sykes admits that Paul Malcolm was healthy and pursuing a degree in fine arts while working as a frontline NHS worker.

She even notes that Malcolm exercised daily and was a vegetarian, and his untimely death came as a huge shock.

At the time of Paul’s death, Scarlett was 15 years old and could comprehend what had transpired.

His death also took a toll on her mother as she had plans to marry her mother.

As an NHS mental health nurse, Samantha’s mother noted that their contribution would ensure that nobody goes through their pain and experience.

Currently, Scarlett is waiting to receive her A-level examination and hopes to pursue a degree in Psychology from Goldsmith University, London.

She admitted that her sponsored run was inspired by Gordonstoun tradition, where students must participate in a 3.5 kilometers jog.

The Brain Tumor Research manager Joe Woollcott sent their condolences for the loss of Paul, Scarlett’s stepfather.

Woollcott notes that Scarlett’s family story indicates that brain tumors can affect anyone, and her action in the memory of her stepfather is inspiring.

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