SextPanther: The Future of Intimacy

If the Covid outbreak has proven anything to our society, we humans crave connection, and a pesky pandemic will not change that fact. We are a social species, which is why forced isolation or exile is considered such a severe punishment no matter the culture. The stay-at-home world governments put into place during the spring of 2020 came with the added side effect of exacerbating the loss of intimacy that is becoming all too commonplace in our society. Luckily SextPanther is combating this unseen pandemic.

The creators behind the SextPanther app realized that text messages and explicit pictures were starting to replace traditional dating practices. The app creators also learned that both of these practices would be integral to the future of dating. Using a combination of technology and this practical approach to the modern dating scene, the app creators of SextPanther have created a place where intimate connections can thrive, even during a pandemic.

The main selling point of Sextpanther is that it allows users to connect with their favorite content creators on the app. The content creators, classified as a model, earn extra income based on this style of engagement, which provides a unique opportunity for both parties involved, one that is not currently present on other apps. The user can now connect with a hitherto unreachable content creator more directly, and the creator has an additional stream of income.

The app’s primary function is to facilitate sex chatting, free from the taboos and restrictions associated with other social media platforms. The creators behind SextPanther also understood the need for safety, even in moments of intimacy, so they allow users to protect their personal information. In doing so, they enable users of the app to connect and be intimate with various individuals online without fear of being stalked or having their identity stolen. Sexting is the future of intimacy, and SextPanther is a part of making that a reality.

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