Sudhir Choudhrie – An Advocate for Hope and Gratitude

Sudhir Choudhrie is a renowned entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and philanthropist. Choudhrie is well known for his willingness to help others, a trait he acquired after being subjected to heart transplant surgery at a young age. Born over seven decades ago in India, his mother exposed him to a medical check-up when he was barely ten years; the first time he learnt of his heart problem.

Regardless of his health condition, Sudhir Choudhrie did not let it distract him from pursuing his goals. He studied hard at high school, eventually earning him a place at the University of Delhi, where he graduated with economics. Before pursuing his entrepreneurship journey, Choudhrie spent some time working in the real estate sector. Eventually, he established the Magnum Trading Company, which has been operating for forty-six years. Besides, he’s been a director and investor in other companies, including Ebookers PLC and Air Deccan.

After living for many years with his heart condition, including two times suffering cardiac arrests, Sudhir Choudhrie received a heart transplant in 1999, which doctors estimated to be his last day alive. The successful surgery and therapy to reinstate his condition to normal led Sudhir to be grateful for whatever life offers him. Being among few survivors of heart failure and successful transplants, Sudhir finds his life an opportunity to help other people who are depressed by different challenges. Besides, he decided to help donors and recipients of organs to help ailing people realize their dream of living after a donation.

With his family, they formed a charitable organization to undertake this noble challenge. For instance, the organization supports donation campaigns in the U.S. and other countries globally, including the Organs Will campaign, currently advocating for donating organs to help the large number of people expecting organ transplants. Sudhir’s actions and life is that of hope and gratitude to people.