The Early Bird Gets the Worm: Alejandro Betancourt Lopez

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a man who knows a good idea when he sees one. Hawkers are one of those companies that kind of came out of nowhere and took the world by storm. The company was founded at the end of 2014 and it was off to the races. The original owners were in quite a spot using social media and had to figure out what to do. This is where Alejandro Betancourt Lopez came in.

If it were not for the savviness of Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, Hawkers would be left in the dust of bankruptcy. One of the things that he liked about the company was the number of ideas he had for it. he says that business ideas will fall many times owners have to learn to get back up. that is exactly what he did with Hawkers.

He had an idea to invest more money into the company. He agreed with the other owners to put in a total of fifty-six million dollars. This allowed the company to get back on its feet and fill the massive amount of customer orders at the same time. This is what a smart owner like him can do. He was able to revitalize the company and give it a whole new image.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez came in at just the right time. Now his company is one of the largest manufacturers of sunglasses in the world. He knew a good idea when he saw it and went forward. He had a vision for the company and made it a reality. That is what a good business owner can do. He can take something and make it better and cheaper for people to get. That is why the early bird gets the worm. In this case, it’s Alejandro Betancourt Lopez. To know more click: here.