The Entrepreneurial Mind of Edgard Corona

Edgard Corona is the most prominent name in the fitness industry in the country and the CEO of SmartFit. He is a Brazilian native whose parents separated when he was young. His parents’ separation pushed him into learning to be independent at a younger age. He worked various jobs in his teens to make ends meet. He got a full-time job while studying. He was a passionate entrepreneur who started looking for his path at a younger age.

Edgard corona believed that life was all about experimenting, which explains why he pursued chemical engineering. He started working in a fitness club in 1999. While in his second year studying chemical engineering, he became an entrepreneur from being an employee.

He founded bio Ritmo in 1996 without him knowing anything about the sector. He has been the CEO of the group since its formation. He was a trained chemical engineer and had his chemical laboratory before establishing the group. He was also running the family sugar mills after he sold his businesses. SmartFit gave the market pressure and changed the exercise routine of the people in the country. It is recognized as one of the biggest fitness industries because of its technology, recurring scale model and good services.

He left the family company after an accident in 1996, and he was required to go through physical therapy all day. He managed his gym business while doing physiotherapy there. Bio Ritmo company was doing well because the economy was stable even though the company had design errors. The Santo Amaro gym lost many for 12 years and was later lost even after adapting. To Edgard Corona, the gym was a succession of mistakes. The company can function very well even without Edgard Corona’s presence since he introduced models and proposed challenges so every member can grow to know more click here.