The  Story of Mahmoud Khattab

The pandemic has caused a paradigm shift in the different sectors of the economy. The various CEOs have analyzed the operations and focused their energies on equipment production to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic. The production of PPES, masks, and other essential items is necessary to fight the deadly virus. According to a recent survey, many CEOs are looking for new growth markets. Despite the slowdown in business during the pandemic, there is an opportunity for growth and expansion in business.

Another critical area the industry leaders are inclining towards is getting skilled talent and workers for the different jobs. During the pandemic, most companies had already begun cutting down on the employees. With the current situation, most companies are looking at recovering and getting back skilled employees to work.

Digital investment is another area of focus. Many CEOs are looking at ways of increasing their digital investment. Many of them look at the hybrid working model and the predicaments they would have on the operation of the different companies.

Mahmoud Khattab is one of the CEO’S who has been in the medical sector for close to three decades and is part of bringing development in the medical industry. His interest in the initiative came from the point of helping those who are in need to access better medical options.

Mahmoud Khattab the MD of Precision Medicine, has been handful in providing resources for preventive healthcare measures. The established industry leader offers his hand in philanthropical activities. Due to his nature, he holds a chairman role on the charity boards. On a typical day he ensures that the patients, as well as employees, are well taken care of. One aspect that keeps his business going is continuously working on the different areas to improve service delivery. Persistence is one key trait that has kept him going in the industry. He believes in people trusting themselves and putting in the work.

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