U.S. Olympic Crews Have Joined Hands with NBC Olympics and ClassDojo to Empower Kids

In honor of this year’s upcoming games, ClassDojo has partnered with NBC Olympics athletes to celebrate the uniqueness of their stories and their communities. NBC Olympics is an initiative that focuses on giving youth a platform and encouraging them to excel in the world. For a special two-week period, they broadcasted a powerful anti-bullying PSA campaign.

Unlike any other media, they are able to reach the most diverse and unique audiences through their channel, NBC Olympics. Whether you are a young kid or an adult, let these stories inspire you and be a light to others who do not have faith and hope. Additionally, without children, there would be no word-class NBC Olympics athletes.

ClassDojo partnered with a number of world class Olympic athletes to help support children in need, CBS News reported. It is a social platform for schools to develop their curriculum using an activity based learning approach. In addition to class activities, ClassDojo provides weekly reports of grade-level results. This partnership is in the vein of the world class partnership, which gives schools access to resources and technical assistance from NBC Olympics. More importantly, it gives additional support to struggling schools. By helping struggling schools, it can give hope to over one million students each year.

It is an app that is changing the way in which kids learn and participate in the communities. It helps kids develop social and problem-solving skills through a simple game. It creates an exciting learning environment for children and their families.

The Olympic coaches from the U.S. Olympic Rowing Team are using ClassDojo for teaching their athletes about team building and teamwork. They have collaborated with it to develop the ClassDojo App so that the kids can play the classic games like Rock Band or Snap on the App. The app features a collaborative learning environment and fun educational activities that the kids can play.

The athletes and their families have lived and worked together in the village for two months now. For the entire Olympic duration, the residents of the Olympic village have been working hard together to set an example of a harmonious environment.

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