Visionary New Yorker Brings Revolutionary Changes

The Yale University graduate Laura McQuade jumped ship from the Planned Parenthood Great Plains to the Greater New York chapter in 2017. In her short two-year tenure in New York, she took the healthcare industry by storm. As the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the nonprofit organization, she spearheaded its rapid extension energetically. Despite the countless hurdles thrown into the organization’s path by the government, the century-old organization’s incessant calls for comprehensive healthcare saw no bounds under her esteemed leadership.

The creative leader orchestrated a mind-boggling deal that would bolster her organization’s bargaining power to turn the tides in her favor. A successful merger of the five affiliates will bring the operating budget for the first year to approximately $110 million. It is more than double the budget of her organization in 2018. McQuade firmly believes that the merger and the significant monetary backing will allow her organization to develop partnerships with larger healthcare systems. Meanwhile, it’ll provide a robust foundation to negotiate strongly with numerous entities that will pay for the services.

Laura McQuade estimates 61,000 patients to seek reproductive healthcare services. Her expansion project will enable the opening of 28 health centers, which will employ 900 people. It should allow visits from more than 200,000 patients a year, more than tripling its organization’s present capacity.

Her commendable accomplishments with Planned Parenthood Greater New York have earned her several awards throughout New York. The veteran leader has been named in many Power 100 lists, especially Crain’s 2019 Most Powerful Women in New York, where she ranked 42.

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