What Has Alejandro Betancourt Done For Hawkers?

Hawkers is a company that was founded to provide fashionable and high-quality sunglasses. This company quickly built a successful brand, thanks to the work of Alejandro Betancourt. He turned the company into an international success with dedication and hard work.

After being founded in Spain, the company suffered a few losses. Alejandro Betancourt and other European investors funded tens of millions of dollars to put into making Hawkers into the successful, international brand that it is today. As a result, people across the globe are wearing the high-quality fashion sunglasses. The company as has offices across the globe including in Europe, Asia, and North America.

At a time when not many fashion companies and brands were using online advertisement, Betancourt made good use of social media to help market the sunglasses brand. Alejandro Betancourt used Facebook advertising as one of his methods to help make the sunglasses brand more popular.

He also used brand ambassadors and celebrity endorsements to help increase the awareness of the eyeglasses. These tactics helped to set Hawkers apart from other competing sunglasses brands. Besides his use of social media marketing, he is well known for encouraging his team to go forward and never give up even when things got difficult.

With early success in the world of business, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was known for his investment funds and being the son of a musician. He graduated from a prestigious university in Boston with two majors in economics and business. He is very involved in entrepreneurship and expanding his investment portfolio. He is also the grandson of a former president of Venezuela. To know more click: here.